Discover top-quality compactors for rent at Hobart Plant Hire. Perfect for construction, roadwork, and landscaping projects, our compactors deliver reliability and efficiency.

Choose from our diverse selection, tailored to meet your specific compaction needs. Whether you’re compacting soil, gravel, or asphalt, our well-maintained machines are up to the task.

Experience the power and ease of our compactors, designed to enhance productivity on your site. With Hobart Plant Hire, you’ll find the right equipment for a solid foundation in every project.

3.0t Bomag BW 120 AD-5 Tandem Roller 1200mm wide

Your Versatile Compact Solution. Ideal for various projects, from road construction to landscaping.

1.6t Bomag Tandem roller 900mm wide

A light tandem roller for soil compaction and asphalt patching.

Pedestrian Roller Unimec 375kg

The most advanced pedestrian roller available today.

Mikasa 300kg Reversible Compactor

Your go-to solution for efficient compaction of sand, gravel, and cohesive soils.

Mikasa 150kg Reversible Compactor

The gold standard for achieving efficient compaction of sand, gravel, and cohesive soils.

Crommelins Plate Compactor CC90RP

A favourite among paver enthusiasts, contractors, and rental professionals.

Mikasa 90kg Reversable Compactor

Setting the industry standard in granular soils and asphalt compaction.

Crommelins Plate Compactor CC60RP

The go-to choice for trench work and tight spaces where standard compactors struggle to fit.

Mikasa MTX60 Tamping Rammer 4 stroke (Jumping Jack)

Shines in scenarios where tight spaces, like trenches and deep excavations, demand top-tier performance, especially when dealing with high-clay-content soil.

Wacker Neuson BS60i Tamping rammer (2 Stroke)

An enduring benchmark in the construction industry.

At Hobart Plant Hire, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a wide selection of reliable compactors. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect compactor for your project, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

Explore our collection of leading compactor brands, take advantage of competitive rental rates, and enjoy exceptional service. Contact us today to check availability, request a quote, or receive expert guidance from our knowledgeable staff. Trust Hobart Plant Hire for all your compactor rental needs.